Thursday, March 11, 2010

Skinput - the user interface is YOU :)

Nowadays, the in struggle for new fancy devices and multifunctional widgets we are more or less looking on similar devices - relatively small, several buttons and touch screen. But each of these devices has one limitation - space. Wouldn’t be good if we ability to extend our control on larger space and still keep our device small? Or to control the device even if ti is in ou pocket?

Skinput offers very interesting alternative to conventional devices. It uses YOU as user interface, by tracking acoustic waves made by taping with you finger different parts of your body. Criss Harrison and his team claim that they have created interface with 99.9% accuracy. All you need is one bracelet and you become a walking keyboard :).Despite the device still has only prototype, Criss is optimist about its future. If you are interested you can check this site:

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